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Repair information, service manuals, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by KitchenAid.

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Why is my freezer not freezing?

My model refrigerator is kitchenaid KFIV29PCMS02. It started with ice maker not working properly. Watery ice. Then the freezer started icing and freezing up to the motor fan inside the freezer and making noise cause the ice was reaching the fan. Defrosted a couple times and now the freezer isn’t getting cold enough to freeze anything. It’s cool and the refrigerator is cool but freezer is not freezing. I replaced the defrost thermostat. Should I replace the compressor inverter board next? It’s frosting up only on the right side.

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Hi @justinchastain

Ice build up on the pipes from the evaporator unit could be caused by a faulty evaporator fan, a blockage in the evaporator unit or worst case a lack of refrigerant due to a leak somewhere.

Is the evaporator fan working or not, you didn't say?

If not, here's the tech sheet for the model.

Enter the diagnostic test mode as described by the sheet and run Service test #3 to see if the evaporator fan motor circuit is OK or not.

If the fan is OK then depending on your location, you may need a licensed refrigerator repairer to check the sealed system due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases.

If there is a problem with the sealed system then according to the warranty in the user manual (see p.40, there may be an up to 10 year warranty on the sealed system. Just something to consider if it is still within the warranty period

Update (02/05/24)


What are the actual temps in the refrigerator and freezer compartments?

Is the compressor running constantly trying to drive down the temp in the freezer compartment?

If the compressor is not running continually, but stops occasionally for some minutes, before starting again, then the control thinks that the temps are OK.

Perform Test #1 FC thermister test to make sure that the freezer temperature thermistor is OK

If the temp in the refrigerator compartment is in the range 33°F → 41° then this is in the acceptable range for the refrigerator compartment but if the temp in the freezer compartment is not between -5°F → 5°F then the compressor should be running continually trying to get the freezer temp down to that level.

There are two evaporator units in the model i.e. one in the refrigerator compartment and one in the freezer compartment. The control board will operate the 3 way valve in the sealed system (part # W11580434) so that the refrigerant will not go to the refrigerator evap unit as the refrigerator is cold enough but will go to the freezer evap unit to get it to the correct temp.

If the FC thermister tests OK and the compressor is running continually it may be a problem with the 3 way valve or a blockage in the system. Checking the 3 way valve is the same as for a lack of refrigerant or a blockage, as it is also in the sealed system unless it is an electrical problem in controlling the valve.

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The evaporator fan motor is working. I have not seen any leaks anywhere. I have pulled the unit out several times to look at the components. It used to have an E5 error code but it has went away after replacing the defrost thermostat. 🤷🏼‍♂️


The condenser fan runs constantly and The refrigerator is cold.


I’m not sure what the exact temperatures are in the refrigerator or the freezer. I do know that the refrigerator is still cold as it has always been and the freezer is cold, but not freezing. The compressor does not run constantly. I have performed test number one and I believe it came out as 01. I have heard the compressor turned on, but it doesn’t stay on for long periods of time. As previously stated since there’s a small section of tubing in the freezer that is frosting could it be that I am low on freon? Since the compressor does turn on, but only for short periods of time, it should not be the inverter board, correct?



I think that it's more a blockage than a lack of refrigerant, unless of course the 3 way valve wasn't operating correctly and not allowing enough refrigerant to pass through to the freezer evap unit.

If it was a lack of refrigerant due to a leak then eventually there'd be none left and neither compartment would get cold.

Unless the compressor is getting very hot when operating it shouldn't turn off unless the control board turned it off.

The condenser fan running continually could mean that the condenser coils (near the compressor) may be clogged with dust so that the refrigerant is not being cooled enough as it passes through the coils, hence the fan needs to assist with this.


Let’s assume that there was a blockage in the three-way valve and Freon was not getting to the freezer. Now, let’s also assume that the freezer thermostat is working properly because it shows a 01 code. In that case the compressor should be continuously running, correct? Since it is not and the freezer thermostat is working correctly then could it be the control box/inverter on the compressor? I am going to check the amps and ohms for the compressor and the signal from the control board tonight.


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The first thng I would check if the freezer is icing up is the door seal. If that is leaking, warm moist air will get in and freeze on the coils. It may be difficult to see if it is not sealing all around. Something may be holding it open just slightly. That is all it takes.

If you put the proper refrigerant in at the proper pressure, it should be good.

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