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The Eton FRX3 is a versatile, multi-purpose emergency radio designed to keep you informed and your phone charged whether it’s rain or shine.

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Where can I get parts (knobs) to fix the frx3 weather radio?

Although I do appreciate you showing me how to remove the back, etc. to get into the Eton FRX3 Weather Radio, I now need to know where to get the parts I need to fix the problem I am having. The volume and tuning knobs just rotate all the way around and do nothing. The display does not show anything but time and battery status. I have looked everywhere for these control "knobs" to replace the ones that just spin, but can't find them. Thanks.

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@carol39423 are you referring to the outside knobs or are you referring to the potentiometers? Post some pictures of what you are looking at. That way we can see what you see. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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If you have an electronics shop near you, you could remove and bring the dials from the machine and look for similar ones at an electronics shop. If you don't have an electronics shop near you, you could order some from Amazon or a similar site. However, you will need a schematic to make sure you buy dials with the right impedance OR you can check with a multimeter.

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