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The Bajaj Discover is a motorcycle brand by Bajaj Auto. Currently there are four variants of Discover- Discover 100 DTS-Si,Discover 125 DTS-i,Discover 125ST and Discover 150 DTS-i.

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Carporatur tuning for milege

Carporatur tuning for milege, screw adjustment

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@alphonesan63618 you do not adjust a carburetor to the mileage of the bike. You adjust is according to the air/gas mixture. You are not telling us if your engine runs rich or lean. If unsure, post some pictures of the sparkplug face. Let's see what it burns like. Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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Actually, I read this as wanting to tune the carburetor for the best gas mileage. Sorry I don't have an answer, but that was my take on it.


@dadibrokeit Duh! You are probably right :-) Still, time to try and figure out where the OP is with his carb. You and I know that there is so much more with gas mileage than adjusting a carburetor. Let's see what the OP tells us. Good catch!


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