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The Ryobi P235 is a cordless 18 Volt 1/4 Inch impact driver. Ryobi Washer 690266001 x 2 Ryobi Ring 690258001 x 2

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Drill comes to a slow stop rather than a quick stop


My brother has this impact and when he pulls the trigger it works fine, it’s when he lets off the trigger when it comes to a slow stop rather than a quick stop, is this a trigger issue? I don’t have that impact to compare it to.

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Hi @isaac94193

It most likely is a trigger issue.

When you release the trigger switch it disconnects the power to the motor and also shorts out the motor causing it to stop.

What happens is that when the operating current for the motor, is disconnected by the trigger switch being released, there is a current produced by the collapsing magnetic field in the motor armature coils, The short circuit supplied by the released switch provides a circuit path for this current which flows in the reverse direction through the coils and a new magnetic field is produced in the armature coils with an opposite polarity to what is was when the motor was operating. This is what causes the armature to rapidly stop turning.

Here's the ifixit Ryobi P235 Trigger Replacement guide. Search for 270001671 to find suppliers that suit you best.

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