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A Desktop PC built from off-the-shelf DIY parts, rather than a prebuilt from a major manufacturer. These can also be built by an SI using off-the-shelf parts.

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Why wont my PC boot up?

Hi my PC was working completely fine then all of a sudden started to continuously crash after an hour or so of use each time and it made a lil whirring sound before it did. Now when it starts up it just shows me a static looking screen (shown below)

Block Image

I’ve tried to reinstall windows and change BIOS startup settings but to no avail. I’m not very computer savvy so I have no idea what to do. My motherboard is a MSI tomahawk max if that helps anything. Thanks

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Hi @sophieuwu

More information is need to help you find out what's wrong

CPU make and model e.g. Intel, Ryzen

GPU card make and model number.

It appears to be a video problem.

Are all the fans working OK i.e. CPU cooler fan, case fan, GPU card fan

Can you view the monitors OSD settings menus OK - disconnect the monitor from the PC and then check to see if you can view the menus without the lines on the screen. This is just to know if the monitor is OK or not.


Hi! CPU is ryzen 7 3700x and GPU is geforce rtx 2060. Fans and monitors are working fine!


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Hi @sophieuwu

Turn on the PC and check the status of the EZ Debug LEDs on the motherboard.

Go to p.38 of the manual to find their location and what the problem is if one of them is on.

Note : Dram = memory problem, boot = HDD/SSD problem, VGA = GPU card problem, CPU is self explanatory.

Let us know what you find.

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Hi when initially turned on they all flash red then after a second the CPU stays red whilst the rest turn off. This stays on for a few seconds then turns off. The VGA alone stays red for a few seconds then turns off. Boot flashes alone for a second then they all turn off.



Can you get into BIOS on startup with it showing a good display?

If so try starting the PC in safe mode (see Method 2 or 3) to see if it is also OK

If the display is OK in BIOS and in safe mode, then there's a video driver problem or a problem with the GPU card output at higher resolutions than vga.

BIOS and safe mode use lowest resolution also drivers used for display in BIOS are located on the motherboard, in safe mode and normal boot they're in Windows on the HDD/SSD


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