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The TEAC model GSA-5300 is a stereo with an integrated amplifier.

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240 v amplifier, 1000w power suply

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Block Image

Block Image

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What is the question?


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@nareshkaushik not quite sure what you are asking. From what I can see, looks "well used" with some "slight" dust buildup.

Get a vacuum and vacuum your amp. After that use a dust brush and get to cleaning it. Vacuum some more, and then more brushing and vacuuming so more. At the end you want to use some compressed air to clean it all off.

Since you didn't say, we don't know what it does, or doesn't do, but you definitely want to clean it all up. Then evaluate the amp and see what works and what does not.

Your amp (the one you listed. Your pictures actually do not look like a GSA-5300) is part of a Goldstar Model CS-5300 and is listed a 50W RMS power output. So if you have a different amplifier you need to let us know. Anyhow here is the schematic etc. for the one you listed GSA 5300

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