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Mobile not vibrating software problem

Vibrate motor is ok bit. Mobile not

vibrating software problem

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@harmansand19435 so the only problem is that the vibrate does not work? Everything else does? How did you check the vibrate motor?


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Hi @harmansand19435

Here's an image the vibrate motor trouble shooting flowchart from the service manual that may help.

There's also an image, one zoomed in and one normal size of the board layout showing where the components mentioned in the flowchart are located.

It the troubleshooting tests prove that the hardware is OK, then you may have to reset the phone back to default using a factory restore to see if it is a software problem. Note: Be aware that doing this will erase all your personal data and downloaded apps, so backup the phone to the cloud or a computer before you do the restore.

Block Image


Block Image

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