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The Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W, also known as the Bose Wave Radio I, was released in 1993. A countertop AM/FM radio system with a high performance stereo tuner and two independent alarms.

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Remote control Not working

I bought a new battery and my remote control still doesn’t work. There is no interference with other electronics, and it is in view of the remote.

What can I do?

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@gailbalberchak first thing you want to do is to check your remote. Use your smartphone to see if it functions. Check something like this site to find out how to do that.

If your remote is okay, it could be the IR receiver on your Bose Wave radio. Commands from the IR remote are received and detected by transistor Q802 and are fed to U301 pin 41 To verify all of that etc. we would need to see your Bose. Use these guides Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W to work on it. Post some good pictures of your motherboard IR board etc. with your Question.

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