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A sporty, speedy sibling of the roller skate, also known as roller blades.

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Broken chassis, fixable or no. Please help.

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My baur off ice chassis snapped in half. Is it replaceable?

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@tanya92970 we need to see what is broken and how it is broken. Post some good pictures of that with your question Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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@tanya92970 fixable? Yes. Easy or pretty? No, and it depends. I would fabricate a metal brace that covers the crack and expands past the boundary of that. Then use some construction adhesive between the brace and the existing chassis and fasten the brace with some machine screws. Not sure what the backside of that looks like, but if it is accessible, fabricate a back brace for even greater strength. Maybe an hour or two of work but cheaper than buying new skates. Prevents you from having to throw them out and saves those skates from the landfill.

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Thank you. I was really hoping to wear them for my anniversary of 30 years. Guess my husband will have to give it a try, in the mean time I’ll purchase new ones. Any recommendations? I need a arm break and I noticed that all these new inline off ice hockey skates don’t have……another modification needed…

My luck is terrible


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