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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Modified 5th Gen iPod stops at Apple logo but is recognized in iTunes

256GB SSD Flashpod Apple iPod Video 5th Gen Classic Flash Memory will not boot passed logo; logo stays on / lit. Makes no sound; no whirring or clicking or grinding. In Disk Mode recognized in iTunes. Can play songs on PC from iPod library that are not mp3 files on PC.
Capacity 239 GB - 77.25 GB Free - 160.16 GB is 20,419 songs
It remains continuously plugged into Niles home audio card. Shows charged battery.

Can it be the logic board, if it "works" in iTunes? Ditto for HDD.
I would prefer to not "Restore" but have erased and rebuilt song lists before.

Update (07/17/23)

I own and have dissected other iPods. I bought this one; as is, refurbed and modified. It has worked for 3 years. In Debug Mode - no errors. Hangs up at Accessorize FW - reboot. PC properties, scanned - no system errors. It is not found on PC or in iTunes except when it is booted to Disk Mode. I have ordered a replacement battery.

"Can play songs" = my music library is stored on external hard-drive. iTunes is used to export from external HD to iPod. Right now, iTunes will ask me to "Locate" "Recently Added" songs because the source external HD is not connected. Songs that can play are being "found" on the iPod. The mp3 files are only on iPod when external HD is not connected. Does that make sense?

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@ernesthusk I would not expect any of this "Makes no sound; no whirring or clicking or grinding." from a SSD flashdrive. I make the assumptions that this has worked for you before. Anyhow, it gets into disk mode, which is great. Now what does your computer tell you about the properties of the drive etc. You have to make sure that it can be read. also, try to place it in diagnostics mode. Something like this guide How to put an iPod Classic into Debug mode will help with that. Slightly later model but same steps.

"Shows charged battery." doesn't really mean a lot. If it is an older battery, replace it (carefully and use a paperclip to lift the lock on the connector. Do not use a pry tool. It'll pop the connector right off. TBH I am not sure what you are referring too on here "can play songs on PC from iPod library that are not mp3 files on PC." Are you saying you access the iPod and play the songs as long as those are not MP3?

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