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Repair guides and support for your Toshiba TV.

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Black see through line

Block Image

There is a black line but it is still visible but I want to know what is wrong with it so I can get it fixed

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@mack6349 the issue is with the ribbon cable that comes from the LCD driver board and attaches to the LCD. Those are connected via a special process and are not commonly fixable by the DIY'er. Remove the back cover from your TV and see if you can get to the actual panel. You will first see a couple of boards where some ribbon cable from either the T-con board or the main board connect. Follow those boards and you will see some thin ribbon cables. See if there are any burn mark, tears etc. present. Gently push on the end of the cable that connects to the LCD panel and see if that makes a difference.

Take some good pictures of what you encounter. that way we can see what you see and hopefully assist you further.

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