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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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10/5 mfd capacitor modern replacements (maybe 5/5/5 uf)

Hello all,

I am trying to repair a capacitor on a ceiling fan that is rather old. The capacitor is old enough to use the old unit label of mfd instead of uf for micro-farads.

Block Image

Just in case the image is hard to read the text on the capacitor is:




I have found that there are a few people asking about this exact capacitor, but only in amazon questions and I don't want to trust those as technical advice.

From what I understand, the important thing is to get a capacitor with at least 250VAC, the same number of wires, and the same capacitance value. I have not been able to locate a single 10/5 uf capacitor regardless of the number of wires. What I have been able to find is a 5+5+5 uf capacitor with people saying it is a valid replacement.

Block Image

I know that capacitors in parallel add their capacitance, so should I be able to buy a 5+5+5 and just attach two of the 5uf outputs to the 10mfd wire? Or do I need to actually track down a 10+5 uf capacitor?

EDIT: I have been doing a lot more research into this. I am now wondering if the 10mfd/5mfd is just a lie. making a few assumptions, GY could mean grey, R red, BR brown, and GR green. If that's the case, the grey are live, and the red, brown, and green are all 5 uf capacitors. This would explain why all of the more modern capacitors that come up in my searches are 5+5+5 uf and I cannot locate a single 10+5 uf.

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Hi @anonanon88876

You're assumptions are valid, and it is necessary to get capacitors that have the same or greater voltage rating but with the same capacitance, but I don't think that they're telling a "lie" about the values.

To me it's an explanation of how they're connected.

You should be able to use either the combination of grey - brown and red to the 10µF lead and the grey - green to the 5µF lead or even the grey - green and brown to the 10µF lead and the grey - red to the 5µF lead. It makes no difference, as long as there are two 5µF capacitors connected in parallel.

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That makes a lot of sense. I was unable to track down a sepc sheet for the "old" 10/5 mfd capacitor, nor a diagram of how to connect it to the fan. My plan was to just match how it is connected to the fan currently (based on the abbreviated colors). I will pick up the second capacitor pictured and do the repair. I just wanted to find out from someone who does a lot more repair than me if my assumptions made sense. I get a little spooked with house power and am usually more in the 3.3-5V range on my repairs. But having some confirmation that it makes sense helps a lot.

Thank you.



You're right to be cautious, mains power should be treated with respect.

When working on mains power appliances, devices etc, always ensure that the power is disconnected and when the repair is finished, before powering on, use an Ohmmeter to check that the appliance is earthed e.g. good earth wire connection to metal chassis (if applicable) and if the device is double insulated i.e. no earth connected then check that there's no connection between any exposed (exterior) metal parts of the chassis and the active or neutral wires.

You don't get too many chances with AC, although having RCD (GFCI) safety switches installed in the power box certainly helps ;-)


Did you get the 5/5/5uf capacitor to work properly?


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