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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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Any special measures required to start a brand new pu ichmp?

I just installed a brand new UP3/E. When I switch on power, nothing happens at all. No LED shows any light, no sound from the pump. It is definetely filled with water, except the upper half of the inlet filter. When I loose the front plate, water pours out. Same with the bleed screw. The cabling is correct, as my old pump ist working fine on the very same connections. Is it dead on arrival, or what may I need to do to start the pump for the first time?

BTW, the manual mentions situations where a reset may be required, but seems not to explain how to perfom one. So how does it work?

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Hi @saschaottolski

Have you verified that the required voltage is at the pump terminals and that the connections are correct polarity wise?
If so the pump is faulty, get it replaced under warranty.

To reset the pump it only says to disconnect/reconnect the power unless you also have a control panel connected which has a reset button

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I have LiFePo4 accus, over 13 V. Polarity is correct, and 2 other pumps operate just fine on the very same connections. I can't really imagine such a pump leaves the factory w/o quality control, therefore I hope there might be some kind of trick for a first start.



As you are not getting any indication from the pump that there is power connected i.e. no LEDs of any colour operating at all, pump not trying to operate etc, I can only suggest that if you have a digital multimeter that you disconnect the power from the pump and use the meter's Ohmmeter function to measure the resistance between the red wire and the black wire of the pump.

You should see a resistance value of some sort (don't know the value though) but if the meter registers OL or infinite Ohms i.e. open circuit, then there's a problem in the pump.


Embarrassing, my apologies for wasting anyone's time. Actually it was indeed the polarity. Two of three pumps didn't care. Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction.

BTW, there is indefinite ohmic resistance between plus and minus directly at the pump, with either polarity.


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