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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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Ceiling fan works fine without blades; makes clicking noise with them

Without any blades, our ceiling fan spins silently. When I put the blades back on it makes a clicking noise every time it’s switched on.

I cleaned the blades and made sure that they are fastened properly.

When I observed the fan, I noticed that it’s due ring / bracket that holds the blades and spins is touching the non moving base that houses the light fixture.

How can I fix this?

It’s a Hunter fan with 5 blades. Something that looks like this

Don’t know the exact model because it came with the house we’re living in

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Hi Sid,

I'm thinking you may need to look at balancing the blades. They're supposed to be manufactured to be exactly the same weight and at precisely the same angle in order to spin with no wobble, but hey, it's not a perfect world and sometimes the blades need some help. There's a longer discussion on the subject in this earlier question.

My fan is moving - Ceiling fan - iFixit

As I mentioned there, Hunter has a video showing exactly how to do the balancing.

How to use a Ceiling Fan Balance Kit - YouTube

Good luck; let us know what you find. Success stories are always appreciated and we can always learn something when it doesn't work.

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