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A Desktop PC built from off-the-shelf DIY parts, rather than a prebuilt from a major manufacturer. These can also be built by an SI using off-the-shelf parts.

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Blackscreen with blue dots when booting - RESOLVED

So this morning i turned my pc and worked perfectly but then my pc got so loud for some reason my screen turned black and then i turned my pc off by pressing the boot button on my pc after this i get a Blackscreen with blue dots.

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I did happen before but worked fine once i restarted


Secure bios was off if that helps


Hi @redmoka65383,

What is the make and model number of the motherboard and GPU card?

Can you try another monitor (TV perhaps if GPU has HDMI output) and check if the same problem occurs?


Motherboard- Nzxt N7 B550 amd

CPU - Ryzen 7 3800x

I will try on my tv and i do not know the model numbers


Bios work perfectly


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and how do i do this exactly?


nvm its in the bios


I found a solution, Take all of your Pc cables off, start your pc without cables, then wait 10 seconds and press the start button for 10 seconds till it takes all the extra energy out, plug in all of your cables back and turn your pc on.


Thanks Zett had this problem as well and this worked for me not sure why it worked but it did!


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Hi @redmoka65383

Here's the user manual for the motherboard.

Turn on the PC and check if any of the POST Leds are on. They will tell you if there's a CPU, Memory, GPU or HDD/SSD problem. See p.38 of the manual for their location on the motherboard.

It may be that the motherboard is not passing POST (power on self test) on startup.

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Question to ask is why was it turned off if you didn't do it. was there an update or something?


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