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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Tv will not stay on

My tv will not completely turn on. I can hear the "click" but the screen stays black and the red light will just blink constantly. It's a Panasonic Viera plasma about 13 years old. Anyone else had/have this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Update (04/10/23)

The model number is TC50PS14

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Thank you for responding so quickly! I'm not sure what the model number is. This tv was given to me. Would it be on the back of the set somewhere? Also, the previous owner reported no problems at all. Just that it's old & they upgraded..



Count the red light blinks.

usually there is a number of blinks followed by a small pause and then it repeats and starts blinking the same number of blinks again followed by a pause etc.

The number of blinks (usually not more than 13) is a fault code and knowing this will help to know what the problem may be.



The blinks seem to go on and on. Every 3 seconds without pause..


@kcbo my esteemed colleague @jayeff is correct. If your count is right and your TV has the blink every 3 second error code it will be the A-board. the details on this error are related to the IC (IC9805) that generates the monitored 3.3V for 3 blink condition and the IC (IC9003) that detects this condition are both located on the A board. That means the A board is the only suspect when the TV shuts down and the power LED blinks 3 times.

Replacing the A board should fix this.The Panasonic part number is TXN/A1ELUUS (TNPH0786AJ) and the board is the board where the video input sources connect to. The link that @jayeff left (about the "blink timing chart") will get you to a site which allows you to download the service manual. That will show you how to remove/replace the board. Not a terribly complicated job. Do an online search for a used board which is still somewhere in the USD$100 range. Cheaper than a new TV :-) You got this!

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My TC-50PS14 has shut down a few times in the past and blinked once. It was a simple job to reset it by unplugging for a minute. This time, it shut down and is blinking 10 times. I tried a short reset (10 minutes) and a long reset (60+ minutes). Neither fixed it. As soon as it clicked on, it clicked off and started blinking again. This seems to indicate a board failure of some kind according to the blink codes. It is 14 years old, so I’m not sure it’s worth repairing. The screen is still pristine though.


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Hi @kcbo

Looking at the blink timing chart from the service manual it appears to be an A board problem.

Hopefully it isn't a panel (screen) problem

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