Monitor suddenly turned blueish

Just like everyday i started my computer and everything was okay. But suddenly a white-ish fog arrived. Couldnt fix it for hours. But then i had the idea to update my graphics card drivers. After updating the white-ish fog turned into blue-ish with borders that actually project the right monitor colour. There is also a line in the monitor that appeared with the fog.

Block Image

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@ooofoofie post some pictures showing what your monitor displays. That way we can see what you see. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


@oldturkey03 i added a picture. But if you still cant see it here is another picture i added in postimage.


@ooofoofie that could be an issue with the video board. Time to remove the back of it and take a look at the boards. See if we can identify the gamma IC and dee is all of that looks good.


@oldturkey03 sorry but before i open it i wanted to give an update😅 so i turned my pc on today to check and first few seconds it magically was ok. Literally back to old good colour and no blue or white-ish layer. After that the white-ish layer came again and this time it was glitchy in some parts.

Here is an image


@ooofoofie not sure what video inputs your monitor has bit check if it does this in all modes. Like VGA., HDMI, component etc.


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