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Canon's flagship mirrorless APS-C camera, released November 2016. 24MP 11FPS.

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Card reader doesn’t recognize the card

Why doesn’t my camera recognize the SanDisk card? I put a card in and it says no card in camera. Tried a dozen cards. I did put a broken card in and cleaned it out and got a piece out but still doesn’t recognize a card

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wildsue time to take it apart and to check the SD card reader. You will have to see if the broken card damaged any of the pins etc. If so, you will have to replace the card reader. You can use this teradown Canon EOS M5 Teardown to find the card reader, which is on the main board. Once there, pop the metal shield of the top and take a good look. Let us know what you find by posting some pictures of it with your Question. Definitely not an easy job, but doable.

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