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Repair information for rolling desk chairs as commonly found in an office space.

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The base of chair

The middle pole of the chair is longer than the wheels now. This happened during moving can it be repaired?

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Good evening E Cole.

We repair office chairs in Pretoria, South Africa. If interpreted your question correctly. The gas is sticking to the ground and the wheels is off the ground, or unstable. So firstly, the cause of this is mostly due to an old gas cylinder that no longer has the spring effect to it when you go and site down. This causes direct weight transfer through the cylinders housing onto the base, so every time you go and sit it goes through the base bit by bit, until it cracks the base and sticks right through to the bottom.

So in short, you can replace the gas cylinder and the base with new ones. This will have your chair in working condition in no time.

If this is not the problem you are experiencing my email address is on my website, not sure if i am allowed to post it here. Feel free to drop me a mail with some images, i will gladly assist and help where i can. Have a great evening.

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@xeptortech post your business address, email etc. in your About page, not on the individual answer. You can refer to that page in your answers. Anything else is treated as Spam ;-)


Hi oldturkey. Will do. Still need to get the hang of the site. Appreciate it


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