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SteelSeries's Hi-Res Audio Certified gaming headset that comes with a digital-to-analog converter. The DAC offers customization of the audio output to enhance user experience.

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My headset cone is broken how do I fix it

I have let my headset drop a few times and now the headset cone is broken. The audio works fine but I can not put it on normally because the headset is broken. I do not know how to fix the cone can someone give me some advice?

I have uploaded 2 photos one of which is where it's broken and one where I made it what it should look like. I have already contacted Steelseries and they could not help.

Block Image

Block Image

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@casouw add a couple of pictures of the part that goes into that hole.


@oldturkey03 thank you for the advice I will do that when I have the time to do so


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Hi @casouw

You could try clearing the case of all its components and then creating some sort of formwork (pieces of scrap plastic perhaps?) either side of the broken section so that you can fill the gap using epoxy resin. Overfill a bit so that it can be sanded back and gently remove the formwork whilst the epoxy is still a bit tacky so that it isn't attached to it anymore

Once it has fully cured (read the product label for info on this) you could then sand it back for a smooth finish. Maybe only the top and outside, it depends on what is attached on the inside of the hole whether it needs to be that smooth, flat etc or not on the inside.

Then drill an appropriate size hole in the correct place, (use a drill bit to measure the hole in the good earpiece cover so that you get the correct size i.e. one that is a snug fit in the hole)

Here's a guide that explains about epoxy resins that may help.

Just what I'd try.

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