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The Galaxy J6, released in 2018, is the successor to the Galaxy J5.

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My touch does not work anymore

My mobile samsung j6 had fallen down from my bed to a distance of 2 metres. From then my touch is not working,

but there is no crack on the screen due to it.

It is working as perfectly as it can when I connect it to USB mouse or keyboard.

Is there any way I can retain my touch back without replacing a part?


Is there any way I can retain my touch back by replacing a part and what part it can be and where can I get it?

(Even the smallest answer would be greatly helpful to me.)

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Hemasai Duppalapudi sounds like your touchscreen got cracked. Yes, there is a possibility that it is a loose connection on the main board but chances of that happening is slim. You will have to replace the display assembly, which includes your touchscreen. Use something like this video or even this Samsung Galaxy J6 Display Replacement as your guide. Replacement screens are readily available and prices are reasonable.

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My phone touch was not working


@samsung18678 same answer for your phone!


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