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The Intellivision is a video game console released by Mattel in 1979.

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Help with my Intellivision

I just recently got a Intellivision that was assumed working when I got it for $15 and when I got home to test it, it didn't work. It appears to be sending a signal to the TV, but it wasn't sending a picture. It is supposed to be connected to a VCR but it uses coax in an RCA connector plug.


Replacedthe capacitors and guess what. Nothing. Should I redo the joints? Used the Exact same capacitors.

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Did I spell Intellivision correctly?


hello, you absolutely spelled it right ;) anyhow, have you tried to connect it through a VCR?


Yes, I did connect it to a VCR (who has those anymore? I guess I do.) I got the results that are noted above.


I am sure you watched the polarity of the caps when you soldered them in? Any thing else on the PSU that looks out of whack? you said before that the voltage was not matching. what do you get now?


The polarity is correct I didn't replace the voltage regulator though, should I replace that?


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Hello, check this from the service manual:

1. Connect the Master Component to TV, plug in power cord, set the Antenna Switch Box to TV and determine that the set works correctly on broadcast stations.

So, make sure that your switch box is set properly.


Here is a link to an online service manual that can further help you narrow things down.

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Sorry, I didn't know what a switch box was. Do you know where I can get one?


This will explain some more and your best bet would be to try Google to get a switch box. They are still around but hard to find. Not knowing where you are, you might want to try Radio shack as well.


Thanks, I found it on AtariAge, and the adaptor is at RadioShack for $4.19. I will buy it tommorow and see how it works and tell you guys. Thanks oldturkey03!


Sounds great, good luck to you. Hope it works out and let us know....


Unfortunately, it didn't work out. But, I've found the culprit! It's the power supply. It was in the Intellivsion Service Manual. But, does anyone know where I can get one of these. I don't want to have to rebuild it(even though I know soldering pretty well).


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