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A Desktop PC built from off-the-shelf DIY parts, rather than a prebuilt from a major manufacturer. These can also be built by an SI using off-the-shelf parts.

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PC stuck on MSI screen

Problem Description:

I was using my pc (few browser tabs, vscode, overwatch 2 update), which i had built around Oct 21 2022. I took a break for around 10 minutes looking away from the screen. When i came back screen was frozen, no sounds came from doing anything so i held the power button down and restarted the computer. When it restarted, the screen was stuck on the MSI logo with a frozen wheel (picture attached). After everything i have tried i cannot get the pc to go past this screen.

My parts:

- BIOS version E7D25IMS.192

Things i have tried:


  1. Disabled XMP
  2. Tried to boot with one stick of RAM at a time
  3. Disabled secure boot
  4. Cleared CMOS (with battery (waited around 10-15mins) and jumper)
  5. Tried to update BIOS using M-Flash with multiple USBs but file was not detected
  6. Tried to flash bios using bios flashback button. Used multiple USBs including one with which i had flashed before when first building my system. All usbs were formatted as FAT32 and with MBR. Disconnected all components apart from cpu power and motherboard ATX when doing this
  7. tried to boot from windows installation media USB, leads to same screen
  8. Wiped my SSD from the bios, tried to boot from windows USB again, same screen
  9. Ran NVME self check on the SSD in the bios which came out clean.
  10. bought brand new RAM (kingston fury beast ddrr4 2x16GB) and tried to boot with it with no luck
  11. bought brand new hard drive, removed my ssd and tried to boot
  12. tried to place gpu in a different pcie slot (pcie3)

video of what happens:



Before i wiped my SSD, when having cleared the CMOS the screen that appeared was instead a Windows logo, but it froze in the same way as the other screen. In some cases the screen also said 'preparing automatic repair'.

Before the screen appeared, my keyboard would be on however when the screen froze my keyboard would be off.





Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i am about to begin exams and this period will be significantly more difficult without my pc. Thank you.

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Good suggestions below. Here is a very long shot. I had something like this one time. It was a cracked trace on the motherboard caused by pressing too hard on an unsupported area near the RAM slots. The temporary fix was pushing up from underneath near the RAM slots and packing with rubber feet pads between the bottom of motherboard and the case panel.

You mention the date Oct 21 2022 so it is new? I would just apply for a return authorization with MSI for the MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 ATX LGA1700 motherboard or the dealer. BUT check the power supply first as @jayeff recommends.


I had this problem on my MSI GT83VR 7RF and it seems that it got worse as time went along and eventually will not boot after an hour. So I search for a solution and I found this site and the only fix is to remove the ESS Sabre DAC on the Motherboard. For tutorial on how to remove just search Youtube for disassembling MSI GT83VR or your particular model.


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Some other things to try:

  • Connect a system speaker (example only) to the JFP2 header pins on the motherboard (see p.12 and p.16 of the user manual for location and connection details) and check if there are any beep error codes heard on startup. I'm wondering if the PC is passing POST (Power On Self Test)
  • If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) check that the PSU voltages are all OK by doing the paperclip test

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It seems you've already tried the majority of the troubleshooting options, which is good!

This can also happen as a result of a failed bios update, however given that you tried to reflash the bios and it didn't pick it up, that should be already ruled out.

So as of right now, you've ruled out your SSD, RAM, and GPU, so that leaves your peripherals, PSU, and your CPU.

A few more things to try,

Unplug all your peripherals with the exception of your monitor, try booting.

Re-seat your processor.

Boot into safe mode and run the repair utility.

This along with @jayeff 's advice for checking the PSU and ensure you're computer is posting, should cover all our bases


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