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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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LE650U TV backlight seems to have died but still opens service menu

So, I got this LE650U TV. And whenever I power it normally it loads the SHARP screen briefly at full brightness. Dies out and then shows the SHARP screen again. Dies out and shows nothing then goes to a blinking light, one fast one slow. Saw that you could go into service mode with holding the “INPUT” and “VOL DOWN” button, then switching to the “CH DOWN” and the “VOL DOWN” button. It enters into that mode fine, just impossible to read, tried doing

“lamp error reset” toggled on

“Reset” toggled on

“Industry unit” toggled on

I get a green screen but when I unplug and turn on it goes back to same error code. Anybody have any ideas before it gets a backlight replaced? I can get specific lamp error codes or anything else needed off that service menu if wanted. Thank you in advance.

Edit: Videos replicating issue.


Service Menu:

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@cub73 why is it impossible to read in the service menu? Where do you get a green screen and is that fully illuminated?


@oldturkey03 By impossible to read, I mean like the brightness is so low that you can barely tell it’s on unless all the lights in the room are off. I tried getting the service menu 5 times before I realized it was coming up just not illuminated and I wasn’t seeing it. Same thing with the green screen confirmation. The only thing that I can see properly as it should is the red “SHARP” screen that shows up and I can read that clear as normal. I will get a video and post it here shortly.

Edit: I get the green screen after toggling those three values then hitting enter on the remote.


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@cub73 if all the screens are low light, it will be the backlight. I just get confused on the service menu and the green screen. That should be dim as well, if it is your backlight that is failing. What exact model is your TV something like 60LE650U or 80LE650U etc. It will make a difference on the backlight.

You also want to remove the back cover from your TV and post some good pictures of your boards and the interconnect ribbon cables. That way we can see what you see and hopefully assist you further. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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@oldturkey03 Thank you for the guide to add pictures and videos, it helped a lot! Sorry for the late response, been very very busy with travel and work starting back up. As you can see in the boot video, the initial startup screen is not low light. In the service menu video, it is so dark I had to use a flash on the video so you can even see it. The green screen is dim as well. I will take off the back cover and get more photos. It is a 60 in LE650U. Is there a way I could hook up a fluke and source some current to the backlight to determine if its the individual strips that are burnt out?


@cub73 we should measure the voltage on the LED connectors of the power board. If you have the proper voltage(expect somewhere between 80VDC-100VDC), it is the strips. Now, it is easier to test the strips with an LED tester.

We also need to remember that Sharp uses the blink codes. If it would be a board error, I would expect the power LED to display a blink code error. Since it does not, I am pretty certain that this is an LED backlight failure.


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