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A 13 inch notebook-style laptop created by HP in December 2011 and identified by model: Folio 13t-1000 (product number A4A71AV). Its dimensions are 12.54in (31.9 cm) x 8.67in (22cm) x 0.7in (1.8 cm) and its weight is 3.3lb (1.5kg).

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Help identifying correct battery replacement

The laptop model number above is incorrect but the correct one wouldn't come up.

The correct laptop model is 13t-d100, the laptop part number is M2K14AV and the SN is CND6389KSW. I believe the HP laptop battery model is 816238-850 (Battery - 3-cell 45WH 3.83Ah LI (VR03045XL-PL)) but i need help confirming what to buy.


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@markez I've checked the maintenecae manual as well as with HP and that number looks absolutely correct. You may get more reassurance if you ask wherever you are going to purchase it from. If still unsure, get the numbers from the old battery to compare it.

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