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The iFixit Precision Bit Driver is an aluminum or plastic handle that fits 4 mm bits.

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My Mahi 1/4" Handle came apart!

The screw through the bearing into the rotating palm handle on my Mahi driver came loose. It looks like the only way to repair it is to get a hex driver through the handle from the nose end. How can I get the magnet out so I can reattach the palm handle portion?

I am comfortable pressing it out but am hesitant in case the steel tip unscrews or there is another way.

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I was able to figure out the knurled portion of the handle is threaded into the larger, top portion of the handle where the3 bearing is mounted with a normal RH thread. I made two blocks of wood, one with a 1" hole and one with a 7/8" hole and both with slots to allow for compression of the wood. After applying these pieces of wood to the two parts of the Mahi with clamps, the pieces were easy to unscrew without marring the Mahi. It was then a simple matter to replace the bearing and remount the palm handle portion and screw this subassembly back onto the main body of the screw using Loctite on both.

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This is the way! Thanks so much for sharing, Peter.

FYI I simply surrounded both parts with a few wraps of gaffer tape (no need to cut wood), clamped the larger end portion in place with a small desk vice, and used a plumber's wrench to break the knurled portion loose from its base, then unscrewed it the rest of the way by hand. I had an imperial hex wrench set on hand and the 3/32in wrench fit into the spinning portion perfectly. Put some Red 271 Locktite on the threads, removed the excess, tightened it down, and reassembled everything.

IMO this is a MUCH better path to a permanent fix than the "official" dental floss solution proposed here: Het herbevestigen van de dop van een iFixit-precisieschroevendraaier


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There's a lifetime guarantee on the driver

Contact ifixit about getting a replacement

Mahi 1/4" Bit Driver Afbeelding


Mahi 1/4" Bit Driver


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Thank you @jayeff - I would rather fix it myself than spend the shipping expense and time to package and ship a $15 item. I have several of these and have been using them a long time - I don't expect another failure . . . who knows?

I now believe the top portion which holds the bearing will unscrew and will try this if I don't get further confirmation in a day or two.


@Peter House

Contact customer support anyway, as they may give you advice on how to fix it and they may send you a replacement without having to return yours ;-)


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Can confirm that a pair of visegrips on the non knerwled top section with the bearing and a large crescent wrench on the flat section at the tip with a slight amount of heat around the knurling to loosen the thread locker ifixit used for the body 😒😒😒 thought i wasn't going to spend $28 on a pair of strap wrenches to fix a $14 driver it would have completed the task without maring (nothing a bit of emry cloth couldn't fix)

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