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The TBK 958c Laser is a multi function tool which can engrave glass or used to remove the adhesive holding the back plate glass used on iPhones.

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Support for backglass laser machine

Block Image

Block Image

Hello, so recently bought this laser machine for iphone back glass removal. I’m having problems with drivers, the computer does not recognise it.

I’m getting usb not recognised and having difficulty to find the supplier or any other information related to that.

Maybe someone has the same and could share drivers with me.

Thanks in advance

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honestly the odds of someone here using a tbk laser are slim, best trying to connect the people you bought it from


looks nothing like a tbk laser either, looks more like a cnc machine


Hey, yes this is not an tbk, but to ask a question I had to choose a product, this was closed I thought will get any help. Thanks


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Hi @ilir

Try contacting the company that posted this video that shows how the machine works. Perhaps they can help you.

Searching for the manufacturer of the machine - Hongzhun Jidian, gives no results

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Hello Jay, thanks for that. I just did that, hopefully will get any help. Perhaps the manufacturer is closed or working under different name, couldn’t find anything either.


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