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Burner stays on Red hot.

LG double electric oven. Glasstop burner went red hot and stayed that way. Only way to stop it was to unplug it or go to the breaker box. From what I’ve read it could be an infinite switch? If so, how would I know if that is the issue? (Model number LDE3017ST)

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@deric81 which burner stayed on?


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@deric81 remove the cover from the cook top display PCB and see if there are any obvious damaged parts on the PCB. Post pictures Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag of what you find so we can see what you see. This sounds like either a bad control board, stuck closed relay or bad thermostats.

Block Image

Here is the SM to help you to work on it and we can walk through this if you need help. LG LDE3017

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