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Why wont my slim folio turn back on?

I tried to change my batteries, but saw I bought the wrong ones. So I went back and out the other pair in to get me by until I could go back to the store but now nothing is working and it isn’t turning it back on.

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Hi @mckennah

Have you checked that both the batteries are installed correctly?

They should both be +ve on top as shown in the ifixit Logitech Slim Folio Vervanging van de batterij guide.

If you've got a DMM (digital multimeter) check the voltage of the original batteries. If they're <1.5V then perhaps that's why the keyboard won't work. A single new battery is 3V.

Why did you try to replace them in the first place?

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make sure the ipad is in the "typing position" to automatically start the slimfolio after replacing batteries


It was working fine for two weeks after I replaced the recharge lo batters but won’t

Turn on


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