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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Replace cracked screen or Change phone

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Hi, I was wondering if replacing the screen of my 4yo Samsung S9+ is worth it ?

A replacement screen cost around 385 $CAD. I could get a new S9+ for the same price.

What do you think would be best ?

Thank you for the help

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Hi @safyras ,

If you haven't already done so I suggest that whilst the screen is still working that you backup all your personal data and downloaded apps on the phone either to the cloud or a computer. That way you will still have it if the display decides to fail completely for some reason and you can't see anything on the display anymore to help you to access it.

Use the backup feature found in the Settings area of the phone. Once the phone has been repaired if there's been a problem and something went amiss you've still got your data.

If you did the repair yourself you can get a display from ifixit Canada for $203CAD.

Here's the ifixit Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vervanging van het scherm guide that may help.

If the price you quoted was for a supply and repair then you could always ask if they'd do a repair only if you supplied the part and see if that works out cheaper.

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