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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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iPhone completely dead after connecting to an iPod charger

My iPhone had about 2% left on it. Not having my charger with me, I used my nieces iPod charger. It wasn't the first time I used an iPod charger. Anyway, I left it to charge for a couple of minutes. When I unplugged it, it turned off, only to never come back again.

I tried to reset using the top button, both front and top button. No go. I tried connecting it back on my charger, no go. I tried connecting it on my computer. The USB doesn't even acknowledge my iPhone, let alone iTunes recognizing it. Nothing, nada. I just won't come on.

Do you think it's the battery or did I screw up something more serious?


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USB iPod Chargers were made for Original iPhone and are compatible. FireWire iPod Chargers are not compatible with iPhone 3GS, so do not use them.


Have you tried to connect it to a AC charger? Your battery may be discharged below the USB threshold.


Well, that was certainly unexpected. I finally decided not to buy the 4G. I decided instead to purchase a replacement battery. It arrives a couple of hours ago.

So I unwrap it and put it to my voltmeter. It read about 2V. Nominal power on these, to power the iPhone, is 2.7V, which my old battery was displaying. I was upset at thinking a was conned into buying a used battery.

Anyway, just for kicks, I decide to install it. To my complete astonishment, it actually worked. My iPhone booted up as nothing ever happened. Somehow, pluging my iPhone to an iPod charger ruined my old battery. I wonder if there's a fuse in these?

Closed it back up, vowing never to connect it to anything else but it's own charger.

What dya know... a happy ending!


Thanks oldturkey03, thanks Brad!


I re-iterate, Apple Support is useless.


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Clean all the dirt out of the dock connector then let it sit over night with power. If still nothing try disconnecting/replacing the battery.

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+ go with a new battery....


Does anyone knows what's the minimum voltage a battery should have to get the iPhone started? I took the phone apart and checked the battery with my voltmeter, it read 2.7 volts.

Anyway, I reassembled it and it's now charging. I'll let it soak up all night and if it doesn't work tomorrow, I'm getting a 4GS.

Oh and , by the way, Apple Support is useless.


You are definitely at the threshold. It is 2.7 volts. Your USB port will not charge the battery. Try an AC charger.


That's what I thought. I left it to charge all night on the AC charger. Still no sign of life. I'll need to try a new battery.

Thanks for the help!


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