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The Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck manufactured in the United States by Toyota.

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2000 Toyota Tundra Limited 4.7L issue

I’m trying to troubleshoot-diagnose my 2000 Toyota Tundra Limited 4.7L issue.

The engine shuts off when I put it into gear ⚙️ D or R; but, stays on in N.

I’ve been told via mobile mechanic it’s possibly a bad solenoid in transmission or torque converter/throttle plate.

Searching websites and DIY on YouTube.

Please advise any directional arrows you might know!

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I suggest searching Toyota Tundra forums with members owning and sharing info. They may be more experienced in answering TT problems unless a resident expert here with TT expertise can answer this question.


Thank you 😊- ok, Toyota Tundra Forums! Do you know of any such Forums? —IF so, please post a Link in your reply! 🧰⚙️🔧


Thanks 🙏🏼 again.. I will surf’m for insights upon my profit walk! —Cheers!


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I'm guessing the transmission is locked up. Putting it into gear stalls the engine because it can't turn the torque converter.

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So, iF torque converter can’t work, what has to be actually done to “UNLOCK” it? Specifying how much labor and parts do I need to BUDGET for? Thx for your time and profitable directional arrows! 🤑


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