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The 2008-2014 (fifth generation) Honda City was unveiled in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2008. In South Africa, the Honda City is called the Honda Ballade.

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My oil light comes one after driving for about 2 hours just flashes

my oil come son if i drive for an hour continuously about oil level if just above maximum

car was recently serviced

the oil pressure sensor was replaced about 4 months ago

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Check that you have the correct oil filter installed and also the correct grade of oil as this could affect the flow of oil through the engine..

You may have to get the engine oil pump tested (oil pressure test) to check if the oil pump is OK or if there is something else wrong with the lubrication system in the engine.

It is better to get it tested as you don't want to be running an engine that has potential lubrication problems as it may overheat and damage could occur

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