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The Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC is an all-in-one desktop computer known for its 4K, ultra high definition screen and one terabyte Hard Drive. With plenty of processing power and memory, the device received the PCMag Editors’ Choice award in 2015.

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Why isn’t my monitor turning on and how do I fix it

Actually i’m pretty sure that i know why my monitor isn’t turning on but i mainly want to know how to fix it. I recently cleaned my monitor with cleaning products that weren’t designed for it(i know i’m stupid)but i want to know how to fix it, when i turn it on it flashes grey once turns off flashes grey again turns off and stays on a black off screen. When it is plugged into something (like xbox, playstation, etc) it is stuck on a grey screen but it has volume when i move the controls. please help me fix this. It’s an Asus monitor

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@suwi first off I don't think you are stupid. This happens all the time to people and it's just something we all have to be a bit more careful off. You probably got some liquid inside the panel/board

The problem here seems to be either the LCD driver board or the main board. The gray screen etc. is the backlight coming on. You really need to disassemble the monitor and lets take a look at the board that is connected to the LCD panel. Use this guides Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC Repair - iFixit to take it apart. After that take some good pictures of all of your monitors circuit boards and post those with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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