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Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone for 2020. Announced on October 13th and released November 13th, the iPhone 12 Pro Max sports a 6.7" OLED display, a triple rear camera system with LiDAR, and 5G connectivity. Successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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After replacing screen phone saying unknown part?

After installing my lcd screen to my iPhone 1/pro max it is saying unknown part ?

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How to fix it problems


it needs a chip removed from the original screen that came with the phone transferred to the new screen and true tone needs programmed with a screen programmer


I replace with original screen from another icloud locked iphone to my own iphone 11 but still saying unknown part and face id stop working. How to fix it?


I got my battery replaced today as it said my battery was degraded.. but after getting it replaced it now says unknown battery


You need to move over the touch IC that has the encrypted data onto the new screen.


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This is normal behavior and is another way for Apple to discourage people from repairing their own devices. A warning is displayed in the introduction of the iFixit guide for display replacement on this phone. If your phone is acting normally, you can safely ignore this warning.

Keep in mind that Apple continues to make moves like this that hurt the repairability of their products. Replacing the screen, battery, home button (if applicable), and/or front sensor assembly (on iPhones with Face ID) will trigger a message or cause some functions not to work on many iPhones and other Apple devices. Some tools, like the JC V1S, will restore the true tone functions but may not remove the "display may not be genuine" message.

Serialization of parts is one of the things trying to be fixed by "Right to Repair" laws. You can learn more about Right to Repair under the Advocacy section on the footer of the iFixit website.

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It's manily because the iphone has some sort of fail safe that the apple has implemented against 3rd part products.

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Can the message be cleared, or will it disappear in time


@H man In thime it will disappear into settings, but it will never fully go away.


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