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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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My TV has stopped responding to both my remote and onboard buttons.

My Sharp TV (LC55P6000U, G172055) suddenly stopped responding to remote commands with the exception of the power button. Now the onboard controls as well (except power). I did a hard reset on both the TV and the remote. It powers up, but if any button is pressed (whether remote or onboard) a spinning icon (waiting/busy/buffering) appears for a few minutes and then just disappears.

If I have my Xbox turned on, the TV will display it when powered up. But I can’t change volume or access menu etc… The remote has good batteries and the IR is working (checked through phone camera). I’m stumped! Is this a failing board? A known quirk?? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I am having same issue, did it fix for you? If yes, how?


i’m also having this issue. any fixes?


Must be common. Happening to mine too. Any suggestions appreciated. I feel I've tried everything.


Same problem just starting on Apr-30-2023. Any help? Leo Chapa.


@lodegariochapa same TV? Error like this is usually caused by a bad IR board.


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Hi @nickydanger ,

Try a factory reset and check if that works.

Take heed of the information at the top of the page about how doing this will delete all personal info, customized settings and installed apps in the TV and restore it to its factory default condition

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this is not working for me. i think since the tv isn’t responding to the onboard buttons, this is not a viable option for me. :( PLEASE HELP


Did you ever find a solution?


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