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The Toshiba 40PB200 is a 40-inch flatscreen television in the PB200 series. It was released in 2012.

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Toshiba tv, black screen with sound

From time to time my toshiba tv doesn't show the image, can see images with a flashlight. I unplug it and touch the cable tv plug, then back on power and it works. Is my motherboard broken?

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claudiu how long does it work? Does the backlight stay on all the time if you do this? What is the exact model for your TV?


I had the same problem. Reflowed the T con board at 400-450 degrees f and was able to get it to turn on. It did revert back to black screen on restart so I got the heat gun and gave it a good go over, board still in place. This time the reflow stuck and the tv has been working flawless over the last few months. We'll see how long it lasts. At the same time I bought a new t-con board online in case the problem comes back.


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I've checked the voltage sent to the backlight and it wasn't ok, thus decided to buy the power panel

hopefully will fix the problem

when I've put the tv back on the wall, surprise! tv started to work again, ,must be some power leakage issue from the power supply

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