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Yamaha YPG-225 76-Key piano keyboard, released in 2006

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Display screen on Yamaha Keyboard is just showing stripes

I have a Yamaha YPG 635 keyboard and the display screen is just vertical stripes, any help?

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Hi @danielt61,

Hopefully it is only a loose LCD unit flex cable connection or a faulty LCD unit and not a CPU fault.

Looking at the service manual for the piano, the LCD unit is connected directly to the main CPU for the piano. (see block diagram in manual).

Note: The manual is the correct one for your model. The Yamaha DGX-630 and YPG-635 are one and the same model, at least as far as the manual is concerned. Here’s an image from the 1st page of the manual.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

As a DIY repair it may be easiest to check the LCD flex cable connection first and if it is OK to replace the LCD unit and then check

The manual details how to dis-assemble the piano so that you can check the connection and or replace the LCD

The image shown in the link is for the LCD unit which is compatible with your model. The Yamaha part number is WN7448800 (see Parts List, Part #320) and the supplier linked above was only to show what it looked like and the cost. Also it shows that it is no longer available and you would need to contact either them or Yamaha for alternatives.

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Might be cheaper to find a used model on marketplace to replace or swap parts depending on which keyboard is in better shape.


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I think Yamaha should recall DGX 630 and correct the problem at their expense. I've costed buying a new LCD panel with courier is about 25% of buying a new DGX 630. That's without customs duty etc. Outrageous. Undertake a DIY repair and you might be throwing entire keyboard away like I'm about to do with mine.

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