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Desktops manufactured by Sony.

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Screen replacement for Sony VAIO Duo 11 SVD11213CXB

I need screen replacement for Sony VAIO Duo 11 SVD11213CXB, can anyone recommend a reliable replacement? tried for almost a year with no luck till now.

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Have you still got the original? It should have a serial and model number on the bevel on the display once you disassembled it. You can re-order based on that.


I have the part# the item is not available, you have to find a suitable alternative from another manufacturer, that's why I am asking


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Hi @gboctor ,

Here’s a supplier, but can understand if you baulk at the price.

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@jayeff Wow that is so overpriced, it is more expensive than the laptop worth, part# not matching though



If they're hard to get then most probably that is why the price is high. Seller's market. ;-)

Just curious. How did you find the part number from the link?


@jayeff there was some serial written below the price



I thought that that was the selIer's code and not the manufacturers but maybe you're right.

When searching using the number i.e. LCDS154 it doesn't give results for the screen by sale by anyone else except this seller.



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