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The Samsung B1445A is a front-loading high efficiency washing machine by Samsung.

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Samsung front load power shut down and door locked

My Samsung front load washer power shut down and the door is locked. I tried the outlet and no response. I can’t even get the model number since the door is locked . I don’t know if this will help but the Samsung washer is a super speed power foam stem VRTplus . I never had issues with it and it suddenly stop while the machine was running.

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What is a Signal button? I am assuming a Signal button is either the Power or Start that I tried separately with the Soil, but no response.


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Have you tried looking on the back of the machine for the model number?

Also try pressing the Soil Level + Signal buttons (both together) for 3 seconds and check if this allows you to open the door.

Update (04/27/2021)


Without a model number it is difficult.

This is the user manual for a Samsung VRT that says to press to Soil + Signal buttons for 3 seconds.

But since your model hasn’t got one then try operating the Spin and Soil buttons for 6 seconds as described in this user manual which is also for a Samsung VRT but obviously a different model although its Control panel also shows a signal button as well.

Did you check on the back of the machine for a model number, you didn’t say?

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