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Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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Sony SLV-D201P DVD/VHS Player DVD has vertical lines and no color.

My Sony SLV-D201P DVD/VHS Player works fine with VHS but the DVD has vertical lines running through the picture and the display is in black and white.

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Hi @othermeans ,

Does it do this with all DVDs or only the one?

If only the one it may be a faulty or dirty disc.

If it happens on all discs have you tried cleaning the laser lens (example only) in the dvd player, you didn’t say?

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Thanks no I haven't tried cleaning the lens, The VHS portion works fine. I saw about a half dozen of the same players on ebay for parts and they all had the same problem. I'd hate to junk it because its been so reliable and I have a collection of VHS and DVDs and it's super convenient to just have one player. But I'll try cleaning the lens and see if that works and get back to you.



The VHS and the DVD work differently.

The VHS uses tape pickup heads that are on a rotating drum to read the tape whilst the DVD uses a laser lens to scan the disc


I was wondering if it had something to do with the transfer of information originally but it is starting to seem like it might be a defective dvd player.



You may have to see if you can find the dvd drive deck assembly so that you can replace it.

if it is the laser lens you need special equipment to line it up.

Look for the part number on the drive.

It may look something like 9-885-037-38

This number is NOT for your model but is for a Sony slv-d300P vhs/dvd player.

It's only to show what it may look like.

if you find it search for "Sony + the number" only


Hi jayeff is it possible if I replace the deck myself would I still need to take it to someone to have it lined up? Is that an expensive repair to have done?


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