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Frigidaire Upright Freezer Not Sealing and not getting as cold

I have a two year old upright Frigidaire LFFH20F3QW that used to make a ‘sealing’ or ‘suction’ sound when closing, it stopped doing that in the last two days quite suddenly and we noticed items are not as ‘cold’ as they used to be. There also seems to be alot more frost inside where this never had frost before. It is ‘frost free’ with no drain. What brought this to our attention was that we found a small puddle of water on the ground by the bottom right of the unit.

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Without actually being there to check, sounds like your door gaskets are bad. With the door closed check and see does it seal completely all the way around the door? Is it cracked/split? Warped? Separating? Open the door and check the condition of the gasket. This is the most likely suspect. Since it no longer makes that sound, and now you've got excess infiltration into the box, you most likely will have to replace that gasket. The small puddle you found is likely because there was excess moisture frozen on the coils. When that thaws out it drains into a pan on the skid underneath and normally hot gas line will run through it and evaporate it. But if there's excess amounts it can't keep up.

iFixit Staff Suggestion: Looks like the door gasket was the issue. For other fixes, visit the fridge door won't close wiki.

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Thanks a bunch, i just posted a pic in reply, the bottom of the door the gasket semi looks like its kind of pulling away


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Block Image

The bottom of the door the seal looks like it’s pulling away, if I slam it shut I can sorta hear a “weak sealing” sound

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Looks like the side is doing it some as well. I'd recommend new gaskets. It'll prevent moisture infiltration in the box and help keep even Temps. I will look real quick n see if I can find one. The model number in your post is correct?


Ok from what I've found you need part #5304505531 more to follow

door is a pdf of that model number with part numbers listed. Shop around online and you should be able to find one to replace yours.


Thanks alot Brandon, I really appreciate the help!


Not a problem at all.


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