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Is there an easy way to flash back to an older BIOS after updating?

I have an old GIGABYTE GA-X79-UD3 motherboard that I wanted to upgrade the RAM on. I purchased the RAM that I wanted and it was on the AVL for this board. Popped it in and it would boot but always got errors and BSOD. Ran MemTest and all was good with the ram. I then looked for a BIOS update thinking it might be that and found one then flashed the update. The flash went fine but didn’t fix the Ram issue so I used that ram in another computer. The only problem is everything works fine and the computer boots, but it takes 3-5 minutes to get past the post screen before booting to Windows. Not sure why this happened but I just want to go back to the older BIOS that worked and booted fine. When I try to flash the older BIOS it says it can’t flash an older version. Is there an easy way around this? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @jeffro64,

If you would like to upgrade your computer's system without replacing the motherboard, see the Updating Motherboard BIOS page for instructions.

Good day, IMO troubleshooting PC is an art, sometimes need to isolate a problem slowly to check where it went wrong,

Normally, I seldom and rarely do a downgrade of the BIOS version.

Some memory slots are a little near to the CPU, which when you over tighten the heatsink can cause the board to warp too much, giving a unstable connection.

BSOD normally has an error code. take note of it.

If too fast, download the bluescreen view from Microsoft. If you are unsure what is the error, just post here and let us have a look.

The power supply can be the cause also.

For this case, I would suggest you to list down the whole computer components of your PC, PSU, RAM specs, HDD, processor, graphic card, etc.

Check graphic cards as it can also give issues.

Boot with minimal stuff installed

If possible, try with a clean install and see if it happens.

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Hi @salmonjapan

Thanks for the quick reply! I did try some of those things also back then but everything pointed to the ram, even though it tested good. Before and after with the old ram the computer runs great. I just chalked it up to the board just didn't like that particular ram and I put it in another computer, which has gone to someone else. I was just trying to see if there was a way to go back to the older version of the bios because of the painfully long boot time this new bios caused. I tried a new Windows install just to try it and see if that would fix it, but the problem is at the post screen before boot up. It just hangs there for some reason, even if I hit F2 or Delete to go into the bios it takes the same long time just to do that. Other than that the computer runs just fine with no other problems. Thanks again!


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Hi @jeffro64 ,

Just curious, how long does it take if there is no HDD connected, to pass POST so that you can get into BIOS menus or get an error message about no bootable device found etc?

Have you tried clearing the CMOS in case there are any corrupted BIOS settings that may be impacting on the boot process.

Go to p.27 in the user manual to see how to reset the BIOS by #10 CLR_CMOS procedure.

Alternatively, turn off the PC if on and disconnect the power from the PSU.

Remove the coin cell battery from the motherboard - note the orientation of the battery before removing it, normally it is +ve on top (if it is the original battery check its voltage when it is out. If it is <2.6V DC replace it.)

Press and hold the PC’s Power On button for a full 30 seconds and then release it. Reinsert the coin cell battery (see note about orientation) and reconnect the power to the PSU and turn on the PC and check

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Did you check to see if there is a timer in the bios for how long it displays the boot screen? Some motherboard bios settings have a value that usually is 5 seconds but it can be changed to boot past bois screen faster, say in 3 seconds or 1 second.

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Hi @danny8818

It’s been awhile since I’ve been into the bios but I don’t remember seeing a setting for that…But I wasn’t looking for such. Thanks for the reply and idea…I’ll give it look and report back if I find anything.


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