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Whirlpool Quiet Partner I Dishwasher will not start

I have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner I Dishwasher and it will not start. I believe the issue may be with the locking mechanism. If I fuss with it enough, it starts. Has anyone experienced this issue? Is the issue truly with the lock? Is it easily replaceable? Please advise. Thanks.

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I can't say anything about your particular model, but I have fussed for hours with my mom's Jenn-Air (a brand swallowed by Whirlpool) dishwasher. Her's is stuck in one cycle setting and refuses to change any settings. It's a totally different situation from yours, but if it's any help, I have to say that disassembling the door to get at the electronics and the latch was a bear. To boot I found that replacement parts were difficult to specify and locate, and when I found what I wanted the price was just silly. Mom's machine still works very well, just in one setting. She'll be living with it as-is until something else breaks down.


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You might want to see if the fuse (no. 4 in the diagram) on your mechanism is functioning and if the switch(no.10 in the diagram) is seated properly. I do not have your complete model number so I can only give you a generic Quiet Partner diagram. Check on here for more detail on that model. Hope this helps.

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+ for finding the diagram but a fuse either works or is blown, right?


yes it does, if it is soldered in (i.e. the fuse holder) one of the leads may be loose or corroded and only make intermittent contact....


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The door switch is important because, if it's defective, the dishwasher won't work at all. To reach it, you need to remove the control panel cover, or sometimes the interior liner of the door. If it's defective, you need to completely replace it.

Often the main wiring connection from the house, at the dishwasher, burns and breaks the connection. If that's the problem, the wires must be repaired/replaced as necessary. If that's not the problem, check the wiring to the door switch, the wiring between the door and the lower part of the dishwasher, and the wiring to the timer. Repair any broken, burned, brittle, or defective wiring, using the proper appliance-grade wire and connectors.

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The door switch. It is. But in my machine the metal piece on the machine itself, not on the door. You can check first the proper angle for the door holder on the top of the machine, underneath of the counter-top.


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