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First Manufactured: Dec 2011 Sync master 20 inches with a resolution of 1600 x 900. It also has an option like Magic angle and magic tune.

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What to do if display gets damaged after cleaning with chemical?

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Yesterday I was cleaning my monitor with Colin (cleaning agent). I directly sprayed it on display and wiped it with a dry cloth. After cleaning, I thought to turn on my PC and check for the display but it worked fine. Today when I turn it on my PC I saw that there were some blue lines in the middle of the display. What should I do now? Please assist me

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Vinayak Mohakud  could be something shortened out or streaking on the diffuser sheets. We will have to see what it looks like. Post some good pictures of this with your QUESTION.

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If it is something that has shortened then we will have to dig a lot further. If it is the diffuser sheet, you will have to disassemble the panel and replace the sheet. Neither one of those things are any fun :-(

For the future you now know to never spray anything directly on a screen. Always spray it on a cloth (like microfiber clothes) and then wipe the screen gently.

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Actually, to show the lines clearly I have drawn a black background.


@Vinayak Mohakud looks like the LCD driver board(s) got affected. Those are part of the panel. You can try and disassemble your montory and check the driver board for any shorted components..... but ultimately this does not look good


Now a rainbow colour strip is appearing.


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