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Black screen but sound

My tv will turn on but the screen is black, nothing shows up. I have sound, but no picture. I have tested cables, have tested the power source, but still no luck.

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jeff jackson  first you want to check all your inputs and that you unplugged everything. Then unplug the TV and hold the power button depressed for about a minute. Then plug the TV back in and select one video input. Preferably some local input like DVD/BR/Game Console. See if you get a picture then. You can also shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen in a darkened room while you have sound. If you can make out pictures/silhouettes you know its a bad backlight/power board. If not then it is possible that this is a bad T-con board or motherboard. You’ll have to remove the back cover from your VTV and look at the board for obvious damage. Disconnect the main board from the power board since that should turn your back lights on (no picture of course). Post some good pictures of your boards so that we can see what you see Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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Hi Jeff

it sounds like a LCD Fault And a loose connection and if it under warranty please contact Samsung Direct .

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