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Model A1040 / 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 GB hard drive / four touch-sensitive LED backlit buttons above touch wheel

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Replacement battery is too large?

Hi everyone, I just bought the 3rd gen battery replacement kit, and the battery seems to be way too long. It won’t fit into the original space unless it is resting on top of the motherboard. Is this normal, because if so, this doesn’t seem safe.


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I’ve got the same issue. I pulled out the battery that was in it and compared it to the new iFixIt battery and the new one is about 3/16” longer. It won’t fit in the area made for the battery. 

I called and left a message with iFixIt, but they kept stressing, in the voice prompts, that they don’t do tech support. :-(

i don’t technically need that, I have a product issue, so I’m hopeful they call me back.


Hi @ Austin Henslee,

Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page, to send an email to ifixit.

Hopefully they will respond to that.

If they don't, try asking a question here about your problem.

Don't forget to provide details such as make and model number of device.

Leave any personal info etc out (this is a public forum;-) as they should either contact you direct or through the website.

Hopefully this may speed up things.




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Hi @kirathelemon ,

Did you buy the battery replacement kit from ifixit?

If so, contact ifixit (scroll to bottom of page to find Contact link) and tell them about the problem.

If not contact the seller and tell them.

Looking at the images in the ifixit iPod 3rd Generation Battery Replacement guide, the battery doesn’t appear to be resting on the motherboard

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Hi Kira,

I just replaced the battery in my 3rd Gen iPod and noticed the same thing, the iFixit battery is a bit larger than the one it replaced (which wasn’t an original either…) In my case it was mostly due to the silver wrapping material not being as tightly wrapped as possible. So with a little pushing it fit.

I first routed the cable, then made sure there was no space left between the top of the battery and the little board where the cable connects to. Then I could squeeze the bottom of the battery in. The iPod works perfectly now! Hope that helps!

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