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A computer input device that enables a user to hand-draw graphics. The system consists of a drawing surface and a stylus, with mouse optional.

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How much does it usually cost to replace a damaged screen?

The screen has been cracked, with it spider webbing across the whole tablet, want to know approximately how much it would cost to replace & what kind of places can do it as we’re in Australia.

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lonestarhellion  all of this will absolutely depend on the make and model of the tablet. We could not even begin to guess since there are vast differences in cost for a replacement and labor between makes and models.

Update (01/12/2020)

lonestarhellion you got a really good (expensive) tablet there. Before anything else you may want to give Wacom a call and see what they tell you. It is not going to be cheap based on the quality of your panel.

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It is a Wacom Cintiq 13HD if that helps any



Has the tablet got a model number, eg DTK 1301/K0 or something similar?

Try searching for Wacom (insert model number) LCD screen part" and check for suitable results

Alternatively it might be easier if you dis-assemble the tablet and find the LCD screen part number on the back of the LCD panel and then search online using the part number only..

It may be a pain to do this but it has its' advantages. You know that you will be getting the correct part if you find one and also the part itself may be used in other devices so you may get results for more suppliers than if you just search for Wacom parts.


Thank you very much, am much obliged, will look into that.


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