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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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How to make the back fit more tightly

I have repaired and upgraded many iPods, mostly 5.5G, but a few 4,5,6, and 7. I have been buying aftermarket backs and find (as one might expect) that the specifications are a little loose. I am currently working on a 7G, but I expect that my question is equally applicable to 4-7G since the backs attach basically the same way. When I reassemble the case, it is not coming together tightly, so the seam is not tight. Before I “trial and error” it, I thought I would ask the question here to see if I can start with the best method.

I tried bending the flanges out slightly. No improvement. Is there a difference between the backs of a thick 5G and thick 7G? Otherwise I think it may be just a sloppily made back. Thanks for any assistance.

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@lingenfr “difference between the backs of a thick 5G and thick 7G? “ yes there are. The spring steel that makes up the “flanges” that will hold the backs to the midframe is different. The sloppiness is most commonly caused by misaligned and compressed spring steel “flanges”. You may have to adjust those by increasing or decreasing the distance from those to the actual cover.

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