Troubleshooting Crown Amplifier Power Supply.

I have an XTi 4002 that won’t power up. The IGBTs where blown as well as one of the trackers. I replaced the IGBTs & closely associated resistors, transistors, as well as the gate driver as this was instructed in the service manual. I also replaced the CH.1 tracker parts that were fried.

C196 appears to be getting to the specified voltage requirements, I should be seeing 16v on D31 one but I am not, d31 it self is good. The 15V supply is missing. I did replace U16, C196, D31, checked 0603 caps on the line.

Has anyone experienced this issue before? If so where you able to resolve the issue? and what did it end up being?

Here is a link to the service manual: https://3e7777c294b9bcaa5486-bc95634e606...

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@oldturkey03 , oops. Just added it to the description.


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